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Secure Virtual Office hosting

Enclave provides a secure virtual computing environment to enable organizations to work from anywhere and collaborate with coworkers using the software applications they need to run their business.

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Secure accounting system hosting

Specifically Enclave works with accounting firms to fully service their technology needs. In addition, accountants, bookkeepers, and their clients can collaborate in real time using the accounting software they already know.

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Complete technology support

Enclave is a full service managed service provider that is capable of servicing all of their customers’ technology concerns. Enclave provides proactive support so their customers can focus on their business, not managing their technology systems.

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Standard Virtual Office

Our core product is our Standard Virtual Office platform. This remote computing environment allows customers to use their critical business applications from anywhere, while lowering their IT costs and responsibilities. In this environment, we provide our clients access to the traditional software tools necessary to operate as a business – such as email, word processing, spreadsheets, desktop publishing, file sharing, and other similar tools. Rather than running this software and storing data on their own computers, we enable customers to run their software on our secure servers instead. As a result we are able to help organizations securely transition to enjoying the benefits of cloud based computing, no matter how big or small the business.

Custom Virtual Office

Many organizations find that they need to use more than traditional software programs to run their business. Often organizations will have custom line of business software applications that are highly specific to their type of organization. In this case Enclave offers custom Virtual Office experiences that allow customers to run their business software on dedicated systems that are specifically configured for that client’s needs. This allows a client to utilize any specific software that they might need and increase or decrease their computing power as necessary. This can especially be useful for organizations such as accounting firms, attorneys, or healthcare providers with specific computing needs that might change throughout the year.

Quickbooks Desktop Hosting

For organizations that are not ready for a full virtual office experience, we also offer a specific Intuit QuickBooks Desktop Hosting environment. This enables organizations to securely share their Intuit QuickBooks Desktop files and collaborate on accounting files without the inconvenience of constantly sharing files, while protecting them in a secure datacenter at the same time. With this solution, accountants, bookkeepers, and their clients are able to share access to Intuit QuickBooks Desktop files in real time – thus enabling better and faster collaboration on an organization’s accounting systems.

Serverless Managed Computers

In addition to offering hosted, virtual office systems we also know that some organizations simply need help to secure and manage their computers. Enclave also provides remote, proactive support as well as help desk services for customers looking for help without the full virtual office experience. Enclave can provide customers with localized security and software licensing solutions to meet their computing needs.

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