How Does Enclave Backup Your Data? 

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In the digital era, where data is the backbone of any thriving business, safeguarding this precious commodity is not just a luxury but a necessity. It’s easy to underestimate the volume of critical information your business generates and manages daily until faced with a data loss scenario—a situation no company wants to find itself in. That’s where we step in to lift that burden off your shoulders and bring peace of mind. As your dependable partner, we diligently handle the integral task of preserving your data’s integrity so you can focus on what you do best—running your business successfully. 

Our commitment is to provide seamless, secure, and consistently managed backup services tailored meticulously to meet your business’s unique needs in a world where data-related catastrophes are not a question of if but when, our proactive approach ensures that your data is always protected, always available. Our adept team utilizes cutting-edge technology and implements best practices to craft a resilient data backup strategy aligning with your business goals and industry standards. We recognize that every piece of data is an asset, a building block in your company’s growth story.  


In our commitment to safeguard your business continuity, we’ve adopted a robust data backup strategy that backs up your data daily, often multiple times per day. Recognizing that every piece of information can be vital, our systems are designed to perform multiple backups throughout the day, thereby minimizing the risk of any data loss and ensuring the most recent data is securely archived. This frequent backup protocol safeguards your valuable data and facilitates a swift recovery in case of any unforeseen data interruptions or failures.  

In addition, every weekend, we undertake comprehensive image backups of all servers and data, creating a mirror image of your entire data environment. This process encapsulates everything – from individual files to system configurations, securing a complete snapshot that facilitates seamless recoveries in case of system failures or data corruption. This weekly ritual is designed with foresight, aimed at fortifying your data resilience and ensuring business continuity with minimal downtime. It’s a full-scale rehearsal, a meticulous exercise that helps ensure that, come what may, your business data will be available when you need it. 


At the heart of our commitment to safeguarding your data is a strategy anchored in geographical diversification. Though our operations are rooted in sunny Florida, we go the extra mile—quite literally—to ensure the absolute safety of your backups. This foresight has led us to establish our secure storage facilities in Virginia, a strategic location fortified against the natural disaster vulnerabilities that Florida might face. These protected data centers are nestled in a region that offers stability, thus shielding your precious data from unforeseen circumstances that might compromise data security, such as hurricanes and floods which are not uncommon in our home state. 

Inside these state-of-the-art data centers in Virginia, your backups find a haven that marries technological advancement with physical security. The facilities are equipped with cutting-edge measures to ward off any potential breaches, maintaining an unyielding guard over your data around the clock. Moreover, these data centers adhere to stringent safety protocols, including fire suppression systems and reinforced structures, to withstand any physical threats. As your trusted managed services provider, we undertake every precaution to keep your data not only accessible but physically secure, regardless of where your business is stationed. This calculated geographic redundancy ensures that even if a catastrophe strikes in Florida, your data remains safe and sound, tucked away in the resilient vaults of Virginia, ready to be deployed at your command. 


In the meticulous data restoration process, time is a variable influenced by several factors. Primarily, the volume of data that needs restoring plays a significant role; naturally, larger datasets demand a more extended period for full retrieval. Moreover, the duration can also hinge on the prevailing workload of our dedicated support team at that moment. Despite our continual efforts to offer swift restorations, there might be instances where the restoration timeframe might fluctuate due to a surge in demand. We sincerely appreciate your understanding and patience in such scenarios, as our team works tirelessly to ensure your data’s meticulous and secure restoration. We always prioritize communication and transparency, keeping you informed at every step of the process so that you can plan your business operations accordingly. Rest assured, your business continuity is our utmost priority, and every restoration process is handled with the highest degree of urgency and precision. 

Most data restores will take place the same day they are requested. But this timing also depends on the information received and the availability of our clients to work together to restore the data. 

In the unfortunate event of a worst-case scenario necessitating a full system restoration, we want to assure you that time efficiency remains at the forefront of our service commitment. While restoring an entire system is undeniably a complex procedure, our adept team is well-equipped to expedite this process, typically completing it within the span of a few hours. Our strategic approach and advanced technology allow us to undertake even the most extensive restoration tasks with a promise of same-day completion in most cases. We understand the critical role data plays in your operations, so we pull out all the stops to ensure a rapid return to normalcy, minimizing downtime and keeping your business momentum uninterrupted.  


If you still need additional help, please contact Enclave Hosting Support, and we will be more than happy to help you with this process. You can contact support via email at [email protected] or by phone by calling 888.315.7776, and choosing Option 2 for technical support. 

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