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The Power of Updating

Overview Cyber attackers are constantly looking for and finding new vulnerabilities in the software you use every day. A vulnerability is a mistake or weakness in how software was developed.…

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Online Security for Kids

Background Our kids' lives are online today more than ever, from socializing with friends and gaming, to online learning and education. So how can we help our kids make the…

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Securing Your Financial Accounts

Overview Your financial accounts are a primary target for cyber-criminals. You have money, and they will do anything to steal it. By financial accounts, we mean not only your checking…

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Scareware: A Story

Warning! Your computer is infected with Black Basta ransomware. Call this phone number right away to fix your computer! - If you saw this warning pop-up on your computer, would you call…

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Digital Spring Cleaning in 7 Simple Steps

Overview We often hear of the term “spring cleaning,” the time of year when we go through our belongings and organize our house and lives in preparation for the upcoming summer. This…

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Do I Need Security Software?

Overview When you bought a new computer years ago, you often had to install additional security software on your computer to help ensure it was secure against cyber attackers. However,…

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